San Fu Moxibustion from Qing Dynasty to our modern day

San Fu moxibustion practice dates back to Qing Dynasty. When on really hot summer days determined by Daoist astrology and Chinese calendar, many patients would line up at medical clinics to receive this ancient treatment. It is during this time that you can most effectively treat the ailments of the winter and support your health by nourishing the yang energy of the body, therefore relieving and preventing the prevalent cold pathogen conditions of the winter season.

In classical Chinese medicine there is a strong emphasis on preventative treatment, emphasizing treating ailments during the best and most effective times of the year. Analogy that I often give to my patients when treating allergies or seasonal conditions is; treating cold conditions in cold season is like trying to dry wet cloths on a rainy day. Its much easier to treat condition that are seasonal prior to the season in which they occur, in order to really make progress.

This practice of San Fu moxibustion has recently gained a lot of interest from clinical trials, and from modern providers of Chinese medicine. Allergies or allergy like reactive patterns are becoming more and more common in alternative medicine clinics, and over the years through clinical practice I have seen a very successful outcome from this treatment. This treatment although called moxibustion, does not involve mugwort or any form of fire. It is a diagnosis based treatment that focuses on relieving allergies, colds/flues, arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, and other upper respiratory conditions. It involves using specifically made herbal plasters called fu tie that are applied to areas on the body, mainly in the upper back. The herbal plaster in contact with the skin creates a very strong hot sensation. Plasters are left in place for at least the first hour, and patients are instructed to remove the plasters one to three hours after application. Treatment consists of three separate sessions of fu tie plaster application and it is recommended to have three consecutive years of San Fu moxibustion to achieve remarkable results. Through my clinical experience, this three year moxibustion treatment has been very effective for my patients and I continue to offer it to those that are not able to find relief with other modalities.

2016, the dates of treatment are July 17th, July 27th and August 6th

2017, the dates of treatment are July 12th, July 22nd, and August 1st

2018, the dates for treatment are July 14th, July 27, and August 7th

2019, the dates for treatment are July 12th, July 22nd, and August 1st

Treatments are generally 15 minutes long and are $30 each.

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