Ageless Acupuncture is located in Seattle Pike Place Market, one of the most vibrant and diverse environments in Seattle. It is a place where health and discovery come together. We help our patients discover different aspects of their health, we provide support and guidance to a better more balanced wellbeing, and we are the bridge between wondering what acupuncture and Chinese medicine can do for your health and actually taking part in patients’ wellness. We keep our doors open for walk-ins that are looking to try acupuncture or other Chinese medicine modalities. The clinic is easily accessible and privately located, allowing for restful and restorative treatments yet also being very approachable for those who contemplate the question of what does acupuncture do and what can it treat.


“Ageless” is to Chinese medicine, like river to its banks. Constantly adapting with time, challenging its roots, yet relaying on the same traditional principles that guide this medicine along the stream and not against the current. At Ageless Acupuncture our practice is rooted in classical Chinese medicine and acupuncture, with the help of modern research, modern medicine, and modern society we continue the tradition with pride and innovation allowing this ancient science/art to age and be ageless! We believe it is important to come out of tradition in order to be successful, being true to the classics is key to the livelihood of this medical practice.

In short, our goal is to help our patients, to extend Chinese medicine beyond our office, and to educate!