Happy Chinese New Year! 

Today February 10th is the Lunar New Year and it is the year of water snake! In Chinese Medicine's five element theory, the elements carry different characteristics and color. Water's color is black, and it represents Yin energy: deep, calm, rooted and most fundamental of the elements. This year the water snake portrays yang within yin: snake being yin in its shape and yang in its internal nature. Snake is a very sophisticated, patient and intelligent animal, it possesses both calm, methodical, fluid like characteristics along with fierce and aggressive fiery behaviour.

My personal interpretation of this year's intention, is to embody some of snakes most desired characteristics. May you find internal balance between the yin and yang forces that lie within you. Bringing balance and root to your daily life, learning and perfecting the skill of moving with the flow, and cultivating internal calm in order to leap with determination. 

May the 2013 be a prosperious year for you, may you have joy, peace and most of all health!

-Maria Portnaya LAc.,

Ageless Acupuncture 


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